has been dancing since she could stand and cooking since she could reach the stove. Food has always been extremely important and personal to her, for many reasons.

Ballet and music occupied her life from the time she was six or seven until the age of twenty-one. Painting and writing took up the slack afterward while she tried to fit herself into the workforce…

…which she was not able to do.

She never understood how a country could function if all its inhabitants were sitting at computers. No one is actually doing anything any more! And we’ve given up control of our food supply (as well as everything else) to chemical companies. In just a couple of generations, millions have left the fields and closed up shop and are now sitting behind monitors in cubicles like bees in a hive.

Except that our computers are not prome at 3 with present043ducing honey…

Christine continues her search for real communication and compassion and justice – and freedom – that she began as a small child. She has always danced to her own drum, alone, but now she is finally finding others who feel her rythm.

Unless otherwise noted, all photographs, stories, paintings, photos and everything else on this site are copyrighted by C Makela. She is happy to share her work; she just asks that she is given her due credit.

~c makela


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